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“My father began suffering from dementia and my wish was to keep him at home, but having absolutely no medical training, I wasn’t sure that I would even be capable of keeping him healthy and comfortable. I went to a local agency to hire help and I was delighted to have Gayle come to help me during my time of crisis. It seemed like every day my father would lose another skill, but Gayle always had a solution. Her knowledge was invaluable to me! She taught me how to make our home safe, and she always had an idea of an approach that would help my dad stay independent. She always knew the right equipment or tools that allowed him to keep his dignity and care for himself.  She provided me with so very many resources, information and ideas that it seemed like I was a pro. My dad was able to stay at home for more than a year and I know that would never have been possible without Gayle’s help.  For that, I am forever grateful.”

— Mary Bernier

“After a stay in the hospital, I was sent to Augusta Rehab for physical therapy. While there, Gayle Workman worked with me. With her kindness, patience, understanding and excellent skills I was on the road to recovery.  Because of her, I know my stay was shortened.  Thank you, Gayle!!”   

— Donna Valente

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