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We would love to help you settle into your new home! After all, there is so much to the move itself. You have to find your new home, pack, and deal with the physical move. Facing a pile of boxes after the move is a whole other project and that’s where The Maine Move comes in.

We can provide services after the move. Those services include carefully unpacking the boxes and helping to place your items in just the right spot. Our specialists can make the beds, hang clothing and window treatments, and put items away in bureaus and bathrooms. Getting your kitchen organized is a snap with our assistance. What else can we do for you? We can place your furniture where you want it, plug in phones, take care of TV wiring, and hang pictures. We won’t leave until you feel at home. Of course, all these tasks are done with senior safety in mind!

We are happy to offer concierge services to those settling in, because we know it’s stressful in the weeks before and after the move. That’s why we’re available care of things on your to-do list. From change of address notices to voter registration to shopping for groceries and new bedding, we’re here to help.

In addition, we are also available to follow up and ensure the transition went smoothly and there are no loose ends. We’re here for you through your whole relocation experience, from start to finish.


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