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After working in nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities for the majority of her career, Gayle Workman saw a tremendous need for seniors to have experienced guidance and support in adjusting their independent living circumstances. Whether they needed to downsize out of a large home, make their current home more safe, or transition to an assisted living facility, so many seniors did not have family close by or the help they needed. Gayle’s heart and head called out to her to be of service, and she knew she had the motivation and compassion to help seniors and their families figure out what living scenario would be best. Hence, The Maine Move was established – to make senior moves easy!

About Gayle Workman

Gayle has been a Physical Therapy Assistant in skilled nursing and rehabilitation hospitals for 24 years, helping individuals with their personal care needs and physical rehabilitation following surgery, accident or illness. Working primarily with geriatric patients, she most enjoys the time she gets to spend learning about their rich life experiences, and helping them improve their ability to take care of themselves and improve their mobility. She is a naturally compassionate person, who believes you can truly discover what a person most needs by listening to them.

Gayle’s Experience

Her earlier career was in customer service management, where she learned the value of putting the customer first, and approaching issues from a problem-solving mindset, and she believes this early training has helped her in her current career. She loves to discover ways to solve problems that are getting in the way of people living their desired lifestyle and participating in daily activities.

People consistently describe Gayle is someone with a sunny disposition, a very positive attitude, and always very courteous and respectful to others. Her can-do personality, and determination to find a solution for every challenge, lends perfectly to her role as a Senior Advisor and owner of The Maine Move, helping senior moves to go smoothly and successfully. She is very excited to transition her career from working with people in a care facility to helping them live their best life in their homes or senior living facilities.

Gayle is a Certified Senior Advisor and Senior Home Safety Specialist, in addition to having a degree as a Physical Therapy Assistant.

Gayle is a Maine native, and lives in Central Maine. She has been married to her husband, Larry, for 35 years, and they have two grown children. Gayle enjoys an active lifestyle, staying physically fit with a passion for kettlebell training, relaxing days spent at the ocean, walking her golden retriever Madison, and traveling to new places with her husband, family and friends.