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Packing and decluttering are two different aspects of one goal: To clean out your home. Whether you’re moving, downsizing or simply need to get rid of years’ worth of accumulated possessions, we can help you tackle the task!


We know packing is A LOT of work! We also understand that you want to carefully consider what you want to take with you, and what items need to be given away, sold, or disposed of. We patiently work with our clients to sort their possessions, helping them determine what to keep, give away, donate or discard. We will contact charitable organizations for you to arrange for pick-up or delivery, and bring you your tax-deduction receipt for your records. When possible, we can also refer you to estate sale companies, and assist with larger estate distributions.

Once the sorting is complete, your belongings will be packed with the utmost care. We number and label each box for easy unpacking. Of course, we are also available after your move to help you settle in!


You have lived a long time in your home, and years of memories, collections, items stored for others, and just plain “stuff” can pile up over time. We understand that there are circumstances where clutter takes over and becomes too overwhelming to deal with on your own.

Whether for packing or decluttering, we are happy to work with you to sort through your excess possessions. After, we’ll help you determine what should be kept and what can go to charity donation, sale or disposal. Our staff are compassionate and professional, never judgmental. Our goal is to help you sort through your belongings to determine what you want to keep, and what to let go of. We are happy to contact charitable organizations to arrange for donations. When possible, we can also refer you to estate sale companies, and assist with estate sale logistics.

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