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According to the CDC, every minute of every day someone 65 years or older falls in the United States. Many of these falls are due to everyday household hazards.

With more seniors opting to age in place, it’s critical their home environment is as risk-free as possible. Detailed Home Safety Assessments are important tools for seniors who want to stay at home rather than move to assisted living. The assessment is used to discover risks to senior safety and to make recommendations to lessen or eliminate those risks.

When you have an assessment done, a Certified Senior Home Safety Specialist will visit your home and evaluate the current conditions there. Using a comprehensive home safety questionnaire, the specialist will consider overall safety and building navigation, fall hazards, and security considerations.


Typically, a Home Safety Assessments take approximately 60-90 minutes. It includes evaluation of the exterior of the home, garage, basement and all entry areas. Each interior room, including living areas, bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen and laundry area, is evaluated. In addition, an assessment includes evaluation of lighting, fire safety and prevention, as well as electrical safety.

We prefer that the homeowner or a family member/caregiver be present to during the Home Safety Assessment. That way the Safety Specialist can have an open conversation about home condition and necessary modifications. In addition, the specialist can address any questions you may have.

After that, we’ll prepare a report that addresses both safety and fall prevention recommendations, as well as recommended modifications. The Maine Move can refer you to local contractors or a handyman who can do modifications, repairs or remodels.

After your Home Safety Assessment is complete, we can assist you with your next move and with all the details that are involved:

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